Throughout this year, your student will be learning a variety of reading strategies to make every reader a stronger, more independent reader. If students aren't learning to love reading, and reading to learn, they are shortselling their futures! The following are the skills that we have put up on our CAFE* Reading Menu so far this year. Please ask your student to explain what the strategies are and how they can be employed by readers of all ages!

*CAFE stands for Comprehension, Accuracy, Fluency, and Expanding Vocabulary.

Comprehension Strategies:
>Check for Understanding; when readers find themselves "zoning out" from reading, they need to stop and check comprehension to regroup their thoughts and make sure they understand enough of the reading to continue. Students should stop frequently to check comprehension, starting with asking questions like 'who' or 'what'.

>Back Up and Reread; for readers of any age or skill level, Back Up and Reread proves to be one of the most useful skills we will employ all year! Readers learn how to enhance and deepen their connection with text when they step backward to build comprehension.

Accuracy Strategies:
>Cross-Checking; when readers come to a word that is unfamiliar to them, it is sometimes necessary to stop. Cross-checking finds readers who have encountered an unknown word, sound, or spelling, stopping to ask themselves: Does it look right? Does it sound right? Does it make sense to me?

Fluency Strategies:
>Choose Appropriate-Level Text that is a Good Fit for You; readers face an uphill battle when they try to read texts that are too far above their experience level, and they waste their time and talents when they read text that they surpassed years ago. Choosing a text that is appropriate for you takes some time and skill to develop. It also takes patience, as students wade through the misses to discover the hits, and realize just what it is about their favorite books that make them their favorite.

Expanding Vocabulary Strategies:
>Tune-In to Interesting Vocabulary; readers often come across words that pop or sizzle when they read, and this skill teaches students to hone in on these special words and collect them for future use. Instead of letting WOW words slip past them, readers catch these awesome words in their Word Collector, and keep them all year to use in conversation, writing, etc.

>Use Prior Knowledge and Context to Predict and Confirm Meaning; readers who encounter words in sentences that they do not understand are helped by this strategy. This strategy teaches readers to add word to their vocabularies by using the words surrounding an unknown word to predict that word's meaning. Confirm the meaning of the word by using it in another sentence and cross-checking, or using a reference text.