On October 24th, students, staff and families gathered in the fields of Imagine School at Town Center to celebrate autumn and raise monies for classrooms! Once again, Mr. Cunningham's 5th grade put on a tremendous display of artistic aptitude, stepping into their roles as artists from the finest European universities.

The crowds were just out of view in this picture - people were lined up enthusiastically awaiting their majestic pumpkin portraits!

Haylie broke off an engagement with Liechtenstein's royal family to fly in for our event!

Alysia squints as a result of her blinding talent!

Alexa was tired of squinting at her own talent and decided to don the shades given her by French President, Sarkozy.

Harriet sends another happy customer away satisfied and with a timeless treasure!

Matthew and Haylie ask the crowds to step away while they reconnect with old fans!

Logan had the weekend off and was able to fly in from Rome, where he works full-time restoring the Sistine Chapel!

Kayla spends her free time consulting with galleries and art collectors in Chicago, Los Angeles, and New York City!

Mr. Cunningham was torn away from the artistic activities to partake of a pie-eating contest!